Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Her Universe unveils a Disney clothing line you can wear at work - but would you?

The pattern on this tank tunic
is made up of the Rebel Alliance starbird
and the Empire symbol.
Would you go to work rocking a blouse or a blazer with a Star Wars pattern on it? Or—even more bold—Darth Vader leggings?

Her Universe and Think Geek are betting the answer is yes. The two sites, both of which celebrate sci-fi fandom, have teamed up to create a Star Wars business casual collection for women that includes blouses, a dress and even a blazer. (You can see the entire collection here, with prices starting at $24.99.)

The debut of the collection had me wondering: Are we at a point in the evolution of the workplace where we can let our geek flags fly in the office?

I work mostly at home—bring on the Mickey Mouse t-shirts!—but when I go to the office, it's a pretty buttoned-up environment. Wearing an R2-D2 tank dress likely would mark me as a less-than-serious person. Still, I have started working my fandom into my business casual attire in small ways, with jewelry or a scarf. I'm a creative; I can get away with a bit more than other people might, but still—no R2-D2 dress for me. Maybe—just maybe—the tunic top featuring the symbols of the Rebels and the Empire.

Corporations are becoming more open to employees expressing themselves, relaxing the dress codes and even shrugging off tattoo sleeves, which might have once been a career-killer in the corporate world. It's a way to appeal to the coveted Millennial workforce.

What do you think? How do you show your fandom at work?

The pattern on this blouse ($39.99) is made up of Star Wars ships,
including TIE Fighters, the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, and more.
Rebel Alliance print infinity scarf ($24.99)

R2-D2 print tank dress ($44.99)
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