Monday, June 26, 2017

Original map of Disneyland created by Walt Disney sold for $700,000

A map commissioned by Walt Disney to illustrate his vision for Disneyland was recently sold at auction for $708,000, according to the Associated Press.

The hand-drawn map is the most expense Disneyland map ever sold, Mike Van Eaton of Van Eaton Galleries said in the report.
Disneyland map created to help gain funding.

Disney had an illustrator create the map in 1953 to help get funding for his amusement park idea.

An anonymous buyer from the West Coast purchased the 40-by-68.5-inch map on June 25, 2017, according to the Orange County Register.

While this map was created specifically to court ABC, according to Van Eaton, Disney had previously worked feverishly that year to create the original prospectus containing specifics of his plan to go before three banks in New York. None of the banks would loan Disney the money.

According to the OC Register, ABC gave Disney $5 million for one-third ownership. Disney eventually bought out ABC.

Disney eventually gave the map to his assistant and friend Grenade Curran, who had asked for it. Curran later sold it in the 1980s to an anonymous Disney collector who then sold it at auction.
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