Friday, April 28, 2017

Disney World reportedly about to introduce driverless shuttles

There could soon be a fleet of driverless passenger shuttles deployed at Disney World taking people through parking lots and around theme parks.

Disney is supposedly in negotiations with two manufacturers to test the technology starting next year, according the Orlando Sentinel.
Navya is one of the company's reportedly in the running to test driverless shuttles.

Disney did not return calls or e-mails to the newspaper on the subject. The Orlando Sentinel mentioned the two companies are Navya and Local Motors

Navya earlier this year rolled out a shuttle on the public roads of Las Vegas’ downtown Fremont East Entertainment District. It is also operating at MCity, the University of Michigan’s unique test site for connected and automated vehicles.

Local Motors has a driverless vehicle called Olli, which has been tested in Maryland. The company may start operations of the vehicle on college campuses in Las Vegas and Miami later this year.
Most of the vehicle carry up to 12 to 15 passengers and are equipped with cameras, radar and laser sensors and artificial intelligence. They are usually on limited to certain areas and in some cases run on an invisible track.

While many can go at speeds of 25mph, they usually drive at speeds of 5 to 10 mph.
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