Monday, March 6, 2017

Need help counting down to your Disney trip? Check this out

For some of us, planning is half the fun of a trip to Disney World — and that includes the countdown to the magic.

Lots of people have their own family traditions to count down the days or weeks to vacation, and now Disney is getting in on the act.

Disney's "Countdown to Fun" is a pre-packaged, six-part countdown available for $99.99 from the Shop Disney Parks app. The package includes six boxes full of surprises for your family, plus detailed instructions for the gift-giver.

The countdown starts with a scavenger hunt to find the numbered boxes. You pick the clues that work for you — as many or as few as you like — and set up the hunt leading to the boxes. Clues are simple. One example: "Adventure awaits -- these wheels go far, buckle up! Honk the horn! Take a ride in the ---!"

Each of the six boxes includes a phone number to call for a "magical message" and some goodies

Contents of the boxes aren't specified, but images include cookie cutters and an oven mitt for making "Mickey's sugar cookies," and games and activities geared to each of the Walt Disney World parks. The last box includes a checklist for packing.

Whether you start your countdown six months before your trip or six days is entirely up to you. You date the boxes before the scavenger hunt and then open them on the specified date.

Here's a peek at the package. What do you think? How do you count down to your Disney vacations?

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