Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Minnie Mouse inspires fine art artist Gray Malin's photo series for National Polka Dot Day

Fine art photographer Gray Malin has released a video and new series of photos inspired by Minnie Mouse for National Polka Dot Day.

Photo by Gray Malin
“Minnie Mouse has helped make polka dots famous all over the world, and I am continually inspired by her impact on fashion and pop culture,” Malin said in a news release. “ I consider Minnie one of Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies, so the red carpet seemed like a fitting setting for a collection that celebrates her timeless style."

Malin, known for his aerial compositions, took inspiration from Minnie's Hollywood and fashion history to stage the photo session, using white parasols to illustrate Minnie’s trademark polka dotted dress and give a nod to Hollywood glamour.

The video showcases 60 dancers across a red carpet with opening a closing parasols with the final including Minnie Mouse.

On National Polka Dot Day, Jan. 22, 2017, Disney is encouraging everyone at the Disney Parks to dress in their polka-dotted finest to honor Minnie's style.

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