Monday, January 23, 2017

Disney unveils 2 new totem poles at Canda Pavilion Epcot

The Canada Pavilion at Epcot at Disney World has two new totem poles carved by Tsimshian artisan David Boxley.

Each totem tells unique stories.

Disney publicity photo
According to the Disney Parks Blog, the Eagle Totem Pole tells the story of a boy finding an eagle caught in a net on a beach and frees it. "Years later, when hunger strikes the boy’s tribe, he walks on the same beach, only to find the eagle there waiting for him with food – paying him back for his kindness years ago. The bottom of this totem pole also tells the story of how a family of beaver taught a human family the importance of treating all creatures – human and animal – with respect."

The Whale Totem Pole depicts "the tale of the first potlatch, a ceremonial feast celebrated by the Nagunaks and creatures of the undersea world," according to the blog.
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