Sunday, January 22, 2017

Disney Stores featuring Minnie Mouse for National Polka Dot Day

Minnie Mouse is always a fashion "do," but perhaps never more so than on National Polka Dot Day. The Disney Store — both in person and online — is celebrating today with a range of Minnie merch, including a limited edition collectors doll released today. Here are some of the items you can find in stores today. You can also find these items and many more online.

Minnie Mouse Signature Limited Edition Doll: Only 4,000 of these 13-inch, intricately detailed dolls are available. It's hard to see in pictures, but her ears are made of styled hair. She also comes sports sunglasses and a handbag, and comes with three hatboxes. $79.95.

Signature pajama set for women, $26.95

Minnie Mouse bow tank top for juniors
with contrasting polka dot print back, $29.95

Minnie Mouse Signature tote, with yellow polka dot lining, $39.95
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