Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10 Photos of the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

On a recent trip to Disney World we took a walk on The Disney Springs' Christmas Tree Trail, or should we say the former Disney Bus drop off area.

While you can applaud Disney for its efforts to try and fill empty areas with some sort of entertainment, let's just say it is a little underwhelming.

The trail is made up of a 15 Christmas trees themed to movies or Disney characters.  The trees are standard sized, such as you would have in a home. They are not as majestic as you find in the parks or resorts.

Each tree is set up against a backdrop for photos. The decorations seemed like something you could have made yourself and while that may have been the point, we kept waiting for a sign telling us what group made these. There is already a lot going on at Disney Springs that the addition of this was not really needed.

The area of the bus drop off was out of the way and not something most people would miss.

Now, we don't want to sound totally negative about the experience. There are a few decorating touches which are fun, like the Cheshire cat eyes on the Alice in Wonderland tree (see below).

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