Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Check out Disney's new retro-style plush Christmas ornaments

If you wanted to have room to display every irresistibly cute Disney Christmas ornament, your tree would have to be big enough for Rockefeller Center.

But still, every year brings new designs to tempt us.

This year — in addition to new Sketchbook Ornaments and Trash Can Ornaments and various iterations on ear hats and the Mickey Mouse icon — there is the Disney Parks Storybook Plush Ornament Collection.

These sewn ornaments have a sort of retro, folk-art feel to them — like the ornaments your mom might have made in the '70s.

I know this because I sew felt Christmas ornaments every year, a skill I learned from my mom in the '70s. In recent years, my creations have taken on a decidedly Disney flair.

This is a batch from Christmas 2014:

© Mary Liebman

Perhaps I'm just a little jealous that I didn't create flat but fluffy versions of Piglet and Thumper before Disney did.

But enough about me.

Disney's new collection does, in fact, include Piglet and Thumper — plus Pooh, Flower, Chip and Dale, and more. I love the houndstooth fabric that shows up in a few of the designs, including pink for Piglet and blue for Eeyore. Each ornament sells for $16.99, which may seem like a lot, but I can imagine how long it would take me to stitch up one of these darlings. (Come see me next year, and I'll let you know!)

Take a look:

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