Sunday, April 20, 2014

Special 'Maleficent' sneak peek at Disney Parks now

In anticipation of the upcoming "Maleficent" film, the Disney Parks are showing extended special previews.

We saw the preview at the at the Bug's Life Theater at California Adventure (it is also playing at the ABC Sound Studio at Hollywood Studios in Florida) and the movie looks exciting. The extended sneak peek opens with the birth of Aurora and Maleficent's visit to the throne room of King Stefan where the fairies are bestowing their gifts on the young princess.

And that's about as far as we are going to go with the preview to keep it somewhat spoiler free.

Some of the scenes shown are ones that have been released to the public, but there are some that have not yet, including the opening sequence. The preview is being show in 3-D and if you are watching it in California, the preview does take advantage of the interactive Bug's Life Theater (again, no spoilers).

Due out in theaters on May 30, "Maleficent" is the untold story of the villain from "Sleeping Beauty" and how betrayal turned her heart to stone. Driven by revenge Maleficent places a curse on Aurora, who herself is caught between the forest kingdom and the human kingdom. Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent and Elle Fanning is Aurora.
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