Monday, March 24, 2014

Warning: Theme park price inflation at Disney World

We all know we spend a lot of money at Disney World, starting with $2 bottles of water and $50 t-shirts. We know what we're getting into.

But this is extreme even for Disney.

I've been ogling a silver bracelet online at the Disney Store for a while now, and I thought if I lucked into a 20 percent off shopping coupon on our recent Disney trip I might splurge.

But when I found it at the World of Disney -- and at a couple of other Disney World stores -- the silver bracelet was selling for more than double the online price.

Seriously: $375 online vs. $775 in the stores. The gold version also was priced several hundred dollars higher -- about $2,275 vs. $1,975 online.

I regret that I didn't double-check any other prices, but I was in a state of shock.

All of this is just to say: Buyer beware. Most things are priced the same -- t-shirts and home goods and so forth -- but if you're going to spring for something really special, look for it online first.

Of course, this could just be an oversight on Disney's part, and as soon as they figure it out, we'll see the price skyrocket online. But I'm an optimist that way.

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