Sunday, March 16, 2014

New comic book starring Figment from Journey Into Imagination being released in June

One of Disney World's beloved characters, created specifically for the theme park, will get his own comic book from Marvel.

Figment #1 cover by John Tyler Christopher
The Disney Kingdoms line of Marvel comics will featured Figment from Journey into Imagination from Epcot, according to The comic debuts June 4.

"Expanding the story of Figment has been intimidating, but I’m genuinely enjoying it," Skullkickers creator Jim Zub kavich, who will write the comic book told

Zubkavich said he plans to keep the purple dragon's innocence in the forefront with the steampunk style which can be seen in the original incarnation of the ride which opened on March 5 1983. The ride featured the Dreamfinder, who used his Dream Mobile to collect ideas and dreams. He then creates Figment in the Sherman Brothers song "One Little Spark" -- "Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, but a loveable fellow! From head to tail, he's royal purple pigment, and there, voilia, You've got a Figment!"

"Dreamfinder is an eccentric inventor, an excited adventurer, and an intrepid explorer," Zubkavich said. "He’s a bit Reed Richards, a bit Kurt Wagner and a bit Stephen Strange. He's someone who doesn't want to settle for a mundane life and the creative risks he takes could lead him to greatness, but those highs have a long way down if he falls."
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