Monday, February 10, 2014

See the costumes for Disney World's new Festival of Fantasy Parade

When the new Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade steps off for the first time this spring at the Magic Kingdom, it will look unlike anything you've seen before.

The Finale Unit's Cha Cha Girl and Bubble Girl. 
Yes, you'll recognize some familiar faces, but they will be joined by a vivid retinue of newly designed characters: a troupe of Scottish dancers will pave the way for Merida; a group of "Newsies"-inspired Lost Boys will accompany Peter Pan; and a flock of ravens will attend Sleeping Beauty.

Disney released photos today of some of the costumes for the new daytime parade, which is scheduled to debut in "mid-March." (Rumor has it the big day will be March 16, but Disney isn't saying.)

Costume designer Mirena Rada and Disney's Creative Costuming team created 39 intricate looks for the cast of 91 performers. Rada has worked on projects at other Disney Parks, but this is her debut at Walt Disney World.

“This was a personal first and it turned out to be a very different experience from other projects,” Rada said in a press release. “Everything here at Magic Kingdom is done on a considerably bigger scale and the resources are aplenty. I took every opportunity to avail myself of these specialties.”

Here's a look at more of the costume designs:

One of the ravens from the "Sleeping Beauty" float. 
The beaks were created with a 3D printing technology.  

Members of the Swan Court that will accompany the Princess Garden float. 

 "The Little Mermaid" unit includes the regal lion fish ... 

... and the Seashell Girl, with her sculpted conch shell headpiece.

The “Newsies-inspired” Lost Boys of the “Peter Pan” unit.
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