Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disney World increases ticket prices; single-day to Magic Kingdom is $99

It's now going to cost more money to get into Walt Disney World.

Less than eight months since ticket prices were increased at the Florida theme parks, the company hiked prices today by about 4 percent. It will now cost $99 to enter the Magic Kingdom for one day, according to the Disney World website.

The price increased by $4 for all the parks. The single day cost to get into Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios is $94. The company last year started putting a premium to get into the Magic Kingdom for one-day, that is why it is $5 more to get into that park.

According to a review of previous price hikes, Disney on average has raised the single-day price every 10 months. The shortest time period between price hikes was three months. This took place between June and September 1982 when the price increased from $13.25 to $15.

Increases for multi-day tickets range from 2.17 percent to 5.38 percent. Interestingly, the prices for multiple days increase dramatically to the 4-day ticket, which is 5.38 percent. Everyday over a 4-day ticket, the percentage increase is smaller.

Tickets for children 3-9 have also increased by about the same percentage.

Annual passes have also gone up.The regular annual pass increased to $634 from $609. The premium annual pass increased to $754 from $729.

To the right is the new pricing structure. Below is a look at the price increase at Disney World through the years.

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