Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Star Wars t-shirts from Disney

You may be a nerd-herder, but you don't have to be scruffy looking. Here's a lineup of Star Wars t-shirts available now at the Disney Store.

Sort of a mashup of Star Wars and Snow White, it's the many moods of a Stormtrooper (adult t-shirt, $30). The print also is available as a sweatshirt in kids' sizes ($29.95).

Mona Leia? What more can we say about this adult T? ($24.95)

It's always nice to see a t-shirt shaped for women, like this Star Wars 77 T ($39.95). This one, styled a bit like a football jersey, has the number 77 on the back, for the year the original Star Wars movie was released.

No one is going to call you scruffy in this Han Solo t-shirt for adults ($24.95).

Be a hero. Send in the Wookie t-shirt ($24.95).

Kids' styles 

Has your kid longed to be the Rebel spy on the Star Tours ride? This kids' t-shirt ($19.95) should be a hit. (What? Disney doesn't think adults want to be the rebel spy?)
What the best-dressed padawans are wearing: the Jedi Training Academy t-shirt ($19.95). 
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