Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Muppets to star in Super Bowl commercial for Toyota

The Muppets are starring in a Super Bowl commercial for Toyota.

© Patrick Wymore
Terry Crews and the Muppets in  the Super Bowl Toyota commercial.
On Feb. 2, Terry Crews, the star of “Brooklyn Nine- Nine,” will join the Muppets in a 60 second commercial for the 2014 Toyota Highlander.

The Muppets teaches Crews, a former NFL defensive end/linebacker, how to "unborify" his life as they "borrow" his Toyota Highlander. The spot features hijinks, dancing, surprises an an original song.

“We’re always game for a wild ride,” Kermit the Frog, who makes a special appearance in the campaign, said in a press release, “as long as Animal’s not driving. He doesn’t quite get the whole concept of brakes.”

“It’s truly an honor to be a part of this wild ride with Toyota and the Muppets,” Crews said. “The Toyota Highlander is the perfect vehicle to teach my character how to loosen up and have some fun. Be prepared for some laughs on game day.”

In addition to the commercial, the Muppets gang will provide real-time updates as they travel to the big game in their Toyota Highlander on Feb. 2. Fans and customers are invited to chat live with the Muppets on game day by tweeting @Toyota or using #NoRoomForBoring.

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