Monday, January 13, 2014

"Frozen" tops the box office -- and the shopping list

"Frozen" just topped $300 million at the domestic box office and is expected to become Disney's highest-grossing animated movie ever. It also looks like it's going to be a retailing juggernaut.

The Disney Store already is taking pre-orders for the DVD/Blu-ray set, which will be available March 18. And two limited-edition Anna and Elsa dolls quickly sold out this month at $99.95 each.

And there's plenty more where those came from:

If your daughter sings the "Frozen" soundtrack nonstop, these singing, glowing Anna and Elsa dolls can accompany her ($39.95 each).

The deluxe Anna and Elsa fashion doll set ($69.95) includes two dolls, two outfits, tiaras for each doll and additional accessories.

The men are not left out, and the Kristof Classic Doll would put Ken to shame. If you need a villain in the mix, there's also a Hans doll ($16.95 each)

Kristof also joins the Animators' Collection, reimagined as a little boy ($24.95). There also are toddler versions of Anna and Elsa ($24.95 each).

An Olaf pajama set for boys ($16.95).

For girls, there's a three-piece pajama set featuring Anna and Elsa ($24.95).

Girls also can personalize an Anna and Elsa parka ($49.95).

If you'd rather turn your thoughts toward summer, this Olaf beach towel can be personalized ($16.95).

Have your coffee or hot chocolate in an Olaf mug that can be personalized ($15.95).

Finally, if you can't get enough of the movie, there's "The Art of Frozen" ($39.95), which features concept art created for the movie, along with interviews with the artists.
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