Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The scoop on the Fantasmic! Dragon - Disney Facts

One of the highlights of Fantasmic! in Disneyland is the fire-breathing dragon, which resembles the dragon from "Sleeping Beauty."

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When stretched to full height, the dragon stands 45 feet tall, but when waiting for its appearance below the stage it contracts to 22 feet. To get on stage during the finale it takes 35 seconds and the beast sits on a custom-built elevator.

According to the Disney Parks public relations, the dragon is 32 feet wide and weighs about 18,000 pounds. It is controlled and monitored by four computer systems.

Tri-color LED lights put the gleam in the dragon's eyes and its has a wide range of motion that allows the eyes, ear, mouth, tongue, neck, wings and body to make the beast seem threatening.

To help inflict its terror, the dragon can ignite a 35 foot long plum of fire that lights up the Rivers of America for about 25 seconds.

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